Logitech - Serving more than two decades
Logitech is a leading company in Pakistan in the Security & Surveillance Industry which is providing a wide range of Security & Surveillance Equipments, Services & Turnkey Solutions across Pakistan through the head office in Karachi, and branch offices in
Islamabad and Lahore.
Serving the Surveillance Industry More than two decades
A rich variety of CCTV, Access Control & other Security & Surveillance Equipments
Logitech has more than two decades of experience in the Security & Surveillance Industry, and using a complete range of Security Systems and Equipments. Logitech is committed to maintain its position as an Industry Innovator and firmly believe in strengthen long-term relationships with the Customers and always emphasis on Customer’s Satisfaction.
Logitech is enjoying partnership with the World’s Leaders in Security & Surveillance
Industry like PELCO, LG, GE Security, WISI, and uses extensive selection of industry
leading products to provide from the simplest installations to more complex and
challenging solutions.
The LOGITECH team consists of professional having first line technical and marketing experience in this segment of the industry. This experience enables us to understand the needs of our clients and ensure the right delivery of objectives. LOGITECH maximize the advantage of understanding these issues and know that what it takes to make a project
Logitech offers innovative and cost-effective security surveillance solutions to protect your critical assets for instance your people, data and premises.
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Area of Expertise
With a prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional Customer Services, Logitech introduces a complete range of the Security & Surveillance Systems and
equipments in a never-ending pursuit of achieving 100% Customer’s Satisfaction as follows :

CCTV System, Access Control System, Perimeter Fencing, UVIS, Crash Gate Barriers, Road Blockers, Walkthrough Gates, Turnstiles, X-ray Baggage Scanners, Shatter Proofing Films