Security & Surveillance Services

With an experience of more than 5 years in the surveillance industry, Logitech is committed to maintain its position as an industry innovator, firmly believing in strengthening long-term relationship with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Logitech enjoying partnership with the security and surveillance industry leaders like PELCO and uses extensive selection of industry leading products to provide from the simplest installations to more complex and challenging solutions.

With a prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Logitech introduces a complete offering of Enclosures, Domes, Mounts, Pan/Tilt units, Matrix systems, and other CCTV electronics products in a never-ending pursuit of achieving 100% customer satisfaction. The most discrete systems will allow users to fulfill their security needs without compromising the environment while the more traditional systems allow you to catch someone in the act.

Security & Surveillance Support:

Closed-Circuit Television ( CCTV )

A (CCTV) system uses a stand-mounted video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor or a television (TV) screen. Logitech is providing CCTV services in different cities in Pakistan.

Wireless Closed-Circuit Television ( WCCTV )

Logitech offering services of Wireless CCTV system which is an intelligent system that can be programmed to suit your own security requirements. Motion sensitive cameras will send an alert to your laptop, desktop PC, mobile phone or a dedicated monitoring station without the need for the fixed line system. So no matter where you are, now you can be in two places at once.

Access Control System

Access Control System Enhance asset protection and personnel management. Whether you need coverage for a single door or jundreds of doors and tens of thousands of users, you'll get performance -plus- from check point. Logitech offers implementation of Access Control System to provide powerful, user-friendly security and facility management controls


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