Wireless Networks

The services of Wireless Networks concern network consultancy and system integration. The core services are related to analysis, design, and implementation of:

Wireless Enterprise Networks

Increase mobility in the office, warehouse and hospital by implementing a wireless enterprise network. Wireless Networks ensures that your WLAN implementation is optimised by analysing the propagation/interference characteristics, designing a custom cell planning, ensuring the required level of authentication and security.

Wireless Public Access Networks

Venues like hotels, restaurants, airports and cafe's can generate additional revenues by offering wireless Internet access to their customers. The hotspot service exploitation can be done by themselves or by partnering with an (Wireless) ISP or mobile operator. There are a wide range of implementation possibilities, like internal/external billing mechanisms, authentication methods, security levels and roaming partners. Wireless Networks ensures that you obtain the right solution with the right partners.

Wireless Point-to-Point Networks

Wireless radio and optical point-to-point links enable connectivity between buildings. An organisation is able to connect several buildings that are located within a metropolitan area without having to worry about roads, rivers or leased lines.

Connections can rely on WLAN, infrared or laser (Free Space Optics). Speeds range up to 2.5Gbps with distances up to 10km. After a site-survey Wireless Networks chooses the right data communications solution for your needs and realises the link.

Wireless Seamless Connectivity

Provide your mobile workers or museum visitors with access to the needed information. PDA's and notebooks in combination with WLAN, GPRS and/or Bluetooth form a good platform for enhanced services. Such services can be based on location based services and seamless internetwork roaming between the different platforms.

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